Cyber safety is a necessary priority in today’s digital world. But before you can protect yourself against it, it’s important to understand exactly what cyber risk is. In modern world every people are blindly doing trust on technology where people don’t hesitate to share their confidential traits also. But nobody knows when it will victimize people and make unmeasurable losses. So, safety and secure uses of technology is requirement of today’s world. And to full fill user’s need Aone Network has introduce SafeNet which is a truly value added service to our internet users.

SafeNet is Aone Network ’s parental control solution for child safety for home users whereas network security and safety for office users. It is our attempt to make the internet safe and secure for every Aone Network internet users. It allows customer to control what internet content is accessible over Aone Network broadband connection. SafeNet allows our users to select which category of content they wish to restrict and at what timings